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Patient Testimonials

More of David and Nicole Solly's Patient Testimonials coming soon!
As a new patient I am writing to tell you folks that from the front desk to
the inner sanctum of your facilities everyone was so generous with their
time, their politeness and their generous laughter.

With Dr. Mike I hardly knew hours later that I had had dental surgery. Of
course, the ceiling tvs keep your mind off the work being done. Most of
all the technology I learned about the Nest product has me very intrigued.
It is hard to join in conversations with your mouth in the open position.

Your newsletters are very informative. After being with Dr. Jefferson for
33 years, 17 years with Dr. Dean I was hesitate to visit your premise.
Not looking back now though but moving forward.


It’s worth the drive to Elmvale! As a new chapter in my life opened, I began my journey doing something extremely difficult; putting myself first. While having another reline done, it was suggested I consider an implant. Well, I listened intently and set the wheels in motion. As traumatic as it may seem, it really isn’t. Dr. David Solly made the procedure a comfortable experience. After having an artist make the new plate to fit with the implant; my life has been free of hassles with food, and my smile is better than ever. Asked or not, I will tell you it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I look forward to the friendly professional service I receive when I go back for check-ups and cleaning. Like I said, “It’s worth the trip to Elmvale”.

Barrie, ON

My chief complaint was my teeth before the implants. They were not very attractive, and they were becoming very mobile. There were very few teeth, only 8 or 9 in my mouth, so I was limited to what I could eat. I couldn't eat a nice steak or even bite on things I enjoyed. Dr. Solly took the time to speak with me about implants. I have seen so many people with their bottom teeth flipping in and out of their mouth, so I didn't want that to be a part of my life. At Dr. Solly's, with the information he provided for me and the way he spoke to me, I felt very comfortable. I was not very happy with all the work needed on my top teeth and the extractions because of my anxiety. Dr. Solly helped me get over my anxiety and made me feel comfortable. As for the healing, I did as Dr. Solly told me to do and everything healed great! I healed even quicker than I expected to. I'm really happy with the results and the way I look, as well as the way my teeth look. I liked the people that I worked with, they made it a really, really easy transition for me to making my sloppy bottom teeth go to a nice smile with a firm bite. Overall, the service and empathy from all the staff was just excellent. They were very, very friendly and very concerned with my individual feelings, especially Dr. David Solly - the one who did my implants for me. The two teams worked together really well.

Rosita Morrison

Small Town Dentist a Hero to Us

I am writing to give heartfelt thanks to Dr. Solly and his team for the remarkable kindness that was shown to me and my family in June.
I was diagnosed with cancer and before I could start my chemo and radiation therapy I was informed that I had to have my teeth fixed. This was a very stressful time for me. I tend to have a lot of anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist so I had not gone in quite a while thus adding to the problem. I would like to let everyone know how comfortable Dr. Solly made me feel. I was made totally at ease as we talked and decided what the best approach was for me would be. The due date was critical in having my teeth fixed and healed in order to start my treatments at RVH. Dr. Solly actually came in on his day off and spent 6 hours to perform my dental procedures so my chemo date could be met. He went above and beyond his professional duty and showed care and compassion towards my situation. Not too many people I know would give up their day of fishing to go to work. Maybe he pretended I was a large mouth bass. I can't thank you enough David, other than to tell you that I will definitely be back for regular checkups. I recommend them to everyone in Springwater Township.

Thank you sincerely,

Randy, Kelly, Brittney and Brandon Willson

I had the plasure of speaking with Dr. Solly regarding some important issues regarding my child. Even though I was not a patient of Solly Family Dentistry at the time, I was grateful for the compassion and the time given to a concerned parent and to hear an honest opinion that I could truly trust. I wish you, Solly Family Dentistry and your family, continued success. Thank You.

Sincerely, Patrick Chittle

I would like to thank Dr. Solly and his team and staff for the great job they did , when I was there yesterday, keep up the good work, thank you.

Sandra V.